Our "Brain"

God created the human brain like the rest of the anatomy, is made up of two halves, a left brain and a right brain. Left brain is call 'the thinking brain' there is about what people know. Right brain can also called 'the emotional brain', where about what our feel. Both must be cultivated and run a balanced harmony to produce the best decision and action.

Left brain functions are: uses logic, detail oriented, reality based, knowing and acknowledges, facts rule, math and science, words and language, present and past, can comprehend, forms strategies, order/pattern perception.

Right brain functions are: philosophy and religion, symbols and images, uses feeling, "big picture" oriented, imagination rules, fantasy based, risk taking, appreciates, present and future, believes, knows object function. There are some way to stimulate the right brain, with:

* More like the activity or hobby in the open nature, such as swimming, fishing, cycling, walking, jogging, camping or hiking.
* Train themselves to think divergen/spread, not linear, thinking of strange, and like the humor. So will more easily find creative ideas.
* Enabling natural unconscious, with a simple exercise, for example: when receiving the lessons or listen to the radio, try to close our eyes. But do not sleep.

If you make smart of the right brain, left brain automatically will be more intelligent. But does not apply vice versa. If the left brain smart, the right brain does not automatically become brilliant. Because, right brain associated with the emergence of new ideas, passion, intuitive and emotion.So keep your Brain bright :)***


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