Amazing Race, Amazing Journey

During the 30-day, visit 9 countries from 4 continents with distance as far as 35,000 miles. Many obstacles and tasks that must be resolved. One team that finish the race will win cash prizes amounting to 1 million dollars. Wow!. There is the opportunity to travels around the world, and get money also.

Amazing Race is a reality game show production by United States (CBS), which demanded that the participants circumnavigate the world by racing. Who quickly to come at the right location, then will win. Beside speed, participants have also accused the strategy and solidarity in solving the tasks given to each. And they must have excellent stamina.

For example, they must think quickly in choosing the road and how the goals, (Detour). Fast but many obstacles or easy but it takes a long time. In addition, one of each pair must perform the challenge (Roadblock) to get the envelope the next task. The last pair arrived at the end of the post (Pit Stop) of each phase, will eliminated.

The story is facation, but there are elements of the race, then to 12 participants, consisting of mother-child pair, friends, friends of life, a husband-wife even lovers quarrel is mouths sometimes occur, contend. There is often blame the spouse as slow, one of the pair that often obtrude in taking decisions, or also from those who like angry, said rough on the spouses etc.

There is pressure from environmental challenges and the country where they stop. As in Agra, India, which is less convenient transportation and the road is often jammed with the human throng. Or when in Thailand, which should climb cliffs, roads dived even among the tigers. Also in the Desert sand minimal instructions, so many couples lost. Stress of course. But those are the interest things. The emotional of typical human-made up, so naturally.

The Amazing Race The Complete First Season is always cool. The program is well and entertaining. Also give a lot of things for the spectators. In any event, relationship or first family is everything. The many obstacles and pressures, should be more juxtapose one another. Other points of cooperation is a solid team. The division of tasks and understand the advantages and weaknesses so couples can respect each other. Play fair, do not foul. And the most startling is I prefer to know the location and culture in various countries. Eiffel Tower, China Wall, Taj Mahal, and other Buddhist Temple.***

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