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When browsing ciao, I ever get more than 7 member write a same review of the same product. Who write first, who is copying? That time I send a private messege on one member, to tell if his review is the same with the other member.

Unsuspected, my review of "Crazy Plan for Halloween (Edgar & Ellen - Trick Or Twins)" has been copied exactly by 10 member (see this: I'm surprised, I dont believe. Moreover, some member has been giving rating and commenting on the results of a duplicate review. I feel disappointed. I had to send this news to my friends in ciao. Some of them suggested I report this information to ciao, and I already do. But there has been no action from ciao.

And then, I always observe the new review in ciao. I noticed many new member every day with the strange name. Most of them write a review only once and copy-paste from other member reviews. Is this like the spammers?

Advice from me:
Before you give a rating on review, check first whether the review is results of copy-paste from the other review of the product.

* When you read a review, there are three tabs, namely the 'Compare Prise,' 'Reviews (number)' and 'Resource'. Click Reviews (number) to see all the reviews that have been written. From there, you can know if there is a review of exactly the same.
* See how a review is write, if all the text written without the pharagraph, it can be suspected as a copy-paste.

It will be making little busy, but this is an appreciation for the other member who really work hard to writing a review. And also does not waste your time with give ratings and comments on the member who is cheating or spammers.

Thank you for your attention. Hopefully what I write will help the other member. Cheers :)***

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  • 4:57 PM
    aishin says:

    hi, thanks for the info. I'm in ciao too

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