Flexible Memory Kit from Sandisk

Almost all the products mobile phones, digital camera, camcorder and computer is now equipped with a memory card that works to save the collection a lot of photos, video, and even music in accordance with the capacity of the memory card. But unfortunately, sometimes we have to buy various kinds of memory cards because the digital products have different memory card slots. There are various micro SD, mini SD or standard SD. Expenditures also increase.

The Solution
Now, there is one product from Sandisk called 'SDSDQ-2048-A11MK Micro SD'. It's 2GB MicroSD Memory Kit, that contain one 2GB MicroSD memory card, one miniSD adapter and one standard SD adapter. With two multiple adapters, you can used one memory card for mobile in any multiple SD devices. 2GB capacity, we can save the photo quality 5Mb of 1190, to 380 music files and more than 200 video files. So, this kit allows one product to be the solution for any SD based phone devices.

My Experience
I will said that SDSDQ-2048-A11MK Micro SD is very useful memory card. I give rating 95% for good. I used it for my cell phone and kodak camera digital. Almost no problem. Only I reminded to carefully hold the micro SD memory card, because the size is very small. Its tiny and hard to hold.

Although this product for the cell phone devices, but it could also be useful for any SD, miniSD or microSD based digital camera, camcorder, computer and others. Thus, this product is very easy to transfer among devices with extended memory Capabilities to transfer your images, music and data. Very practical and economical.***

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