SimCity 4 (Deluxe Edition) : Challenges for 'The Mayor'

Do you have the desire to become a mayor? Try this game simulation. You will be to challange for build and manage a city with limited funds. Afford it?

I purposely did not write about the technical issues in this game as gameplay, audio or graphics because many of the links on the Internet that discuss it (I already search before I write this). If I write the same think, will be considered plagiarism: D. So I will share about this game based on my experience.

3 Biggest Challenges
- Manage the environment
- Manage quality of life for its residents
- Manage the finance.
we must clever to manage the financial. Income and expenditure must had balance. Income can be obtained from the tax. Carefully managing the amount of tax. For example, the tax is too high for the industry, can cause investors gone. By sell excess power, water, garbage and disposal services to neighboring cities, which can be a great source of extra income, and you can also contract these services if needed.

The Most Important
1. Infrastructure
Build roads to traffic, water resources and installation, also electricity as a source of energy should be the main focus. There must be provide public facilities, such as schools, universities, hospitals, airport, police office and firefighter. Because such as fires, crime and natural disasters can occur at any time without suspected.
2. The City Area
City planners need to be planned and the array. By placing a special area for residential development based on the type (residential, condominium, real estate), shopping and industry. The beauty of it must also give attention such as the trees, gardens and others.
3. Monitoring on going
The development of the region must be observed. Each issue, the input, news, development and even complaints of citizens who can not be ignored. If more and more ignored, it will be the problems that arise the other day. There is a monthly report. From here we can know whether the development of the region decreased or climb.
4. Ask to Advisors
Dizzy and dont know what must do with the problem? we can ask expert advisor to the specialty. For example, the engineers that understand about electricity, road infrastructure, is also an Accountant to manage the income and expenditure of funds. They will provide input and corrections from all our actions. They input can be accepted or ignored. It is up to you, provided you know the risks that are taken from each decision.

The New Things
A lot of new things on this game if compare with simcity 3000:
* There is night and day cycles, that lets you see your city at night as well as during daylight hours.
* Disasters are more gorgeous and devastating than ever. Giant robots and meteors are only some of the destructive forces to behold.
* Use a 3D engine to render its graphics.

My Opinion
A high end machine is needed for optimum performance once the cities become large. I used memory 256 MB, Video Memory 32 MB and the game sometime slowdown for bigger cities when panning across the screen.

But, for me this game is very exiting even sometimes make me dizzy with the problem or sad and dissapointed when some building crash with disaster that come. I am stunned with the amazing shape of buildings or infrastructure. Like a real life. This strategy game that can entertain you for hours on end.***


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